Will We Have Flying Cars By 2021?

will we have flying cars by 2020

Will We Have Flying Cars By 2021?

In the near future we will have flying cars. But who will be the first person to own one? That’s right; the founder of one of the largest car manufacturers in the world will be the first person to buy one. How’s that for an interesting future.

In fact in Japan, one of the biggest car manufacturers is Honda. They are developing a new sport car to compete with the Jaguar brand. It will have two seats and have been named the CL-generation (combined future flying car and motorcycle). This may very well be the first new automobile to be sold in America since the Second World War.

Not only will Honda be the first but several other companies believe they will be the first to market flying cars. So which will win? Well the first one to do it in the U.S. will be Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Daewoo, Fiat, Ford, Honda and Hyundai. In Japan there are several names, I think you can see a Toyota plan, Mazda, Yamaha, Subaru, Honda, and Nissan. As for Europe they will be Nissan, Citroen, Dacia, Ford, Opel, and Saab.

So we now know what the future holds for flying cars. But which are the best of the bunch? The first choice of many of the big players is Audi, mainly because they are Audi they are known for quality and stylishness. Of course some will say that it’s styling is just that, fashion and looks rather than practicality.

If we were looking at a list of luxury sports utility vehicles then the picks would be quite similar to the ones for a luxury sedan. However there will be a few points for argument. A luxury SUV will be able to handle rougher roads better and will not need a box tire. It will have superior off road abilities and will be much more roomy inside. However, all these attributes will come at a higher price.

One of the first flying cars that will come out of this new technology will be the Apple Car. This concept car will use a very advanced type of platform to take off vertically. What it will look like is very much like an air craft but without the wings. Instead it will be powered by an electric motor. There is even speculation that it will not use gas as it will run on batteries.

There are other companies working on this new technology. One company called Fassi is doing a lot of research into making these cars as a sporty alternative to normal cars. They believe they will be able to market them to younger people who like the idea but maybe not the cars themselves. So how soon will these cars be available for sale? Hard to say really, we may be waiting a long time.

So, will we have flying cars by 2021? I am not sure. There are too many things that need to happen before they can happen properly though, so I guess we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, how will we get around the city in our new flying car? Will it have the same controls as a regular car or will it look like a remote control airplane? It might look like a remote control airplane, because in the future, they will be making these things very much like a remote control toy. Some of them will even look like small flying planes! Can you say flying wheelchairs?

Will there be electric powered flying cars in the future? Well, of course there will be some cars that are powered by electricity. They will use batteries and then they will store the energy for when it is needed. The problem with current designs is that they do not give enough thrust to fly properly. These designs may be fine for regular cars, but if you are trying to make a flying car that can fly to the top of a skyscraper, they are going to be very difficult indeed.

Will we have flying cars by 2021? I think that is very unlikely. There are too many problems with the current design to expect that to happen. Some engineers have already thought of using wing chines to help the car to keep up with the speed that it is going to want to go at. They are also looking into using super-fast magnets to push the wing in forward, allowing the car to move faster!

Even if they were able to make electric powered flying cars, it would not be safe to drive one. The problem with most wing chines is that they have a very low wing-lift. There is only a few parts of the wing that will actually allow the wings to move, such as the tips. There will be plenty of challenges to overcome before we can have flying cars, so don’t expect them to be ready anytime soon!

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