Who Invented Private Jets? – The Answer May Surprise You

Many questions have been raised as to who invented private jet. There have been many theories put forward over the years but none have been able to point to anyone. So who invented it?

who invented private jet

The first person was W.T. Walker, a famous writer. He was actually working for United States Government in World War II, when he designed and built the secret U.S. Air Force experimental aircraft. Walker died in a plane crash in 1948. All the plans and blueprints that he worked on were passed down to his son Mark, who then sold them to an interested aviation company. Walker’s son then restarted building these planes and later sold them to a private buyer.

A more direct answer to the question of who invented it can be traced to aviation engineers John C. Pilsworth and Richard P. O’Donnell. They actually worked side by side at the Air Force Research Laboratory, working out of the Nevada Test Site. They came up with an idea that allowed Pilsworth to fly larger scale model planes like the Model 40. However, when they got their patent in May of 1947 it covered the operation of private jets.

An even more interesting answer to the question of who invented the private jet would have to go to a person who actually flies one as opposed to someone who just hears about it. That person would be Allen Doyle, a successful airline pilot who actually owns his own company, International Travel Airlines. The company has been in operation for over thirty years.

Another man who may have an answer to the riddle is Howard Hughes. His interest in flying dates back to his college days. While at college he also tried his hand at piloting an experimental glider, which was successfully launched by the University of Nevada. Later on he went to Harvard and studied aerodynamics, later getting a degree in mathematics.

Finally, there is one man who definitely knows who invented the private jet. That would be Richard Scarrow. He is the founder of International Travel Airlines. In fact, he is so famous that he has written two books on the subject, one of them is entitled “Who Invented The Private Jet? “.

So who really is responsible for the riddle of who invented the private jet? There are a number of people who may have come up with the correct answer. However, one person who you would not consider a winner, simply because he did not win the flight would be Richard Scarrow. It just seems unfair.

Regardless of who really is responsible for finding out who invented the private jet, the fact is that it did happen one day. It is one of those unique events that are worth looking into and learning more about. Perhaps one day we will get an answer and it will bring some closure to this very interesting issue.

Of course, we should never forget where the idea came from in the first place. There are many theories out there and one of the more popular ones states that it was the US military, which used them during the Vietnam war. Others believe that they were invented by an English designer, although that might be a stretch. One thing we can be sure of is that they are indeed very popular and there are even times when they are seen at the top of the lists when someone is looking up information on planes. If you search on Google for “who invented the private jet” or “airline cabins” for example, you will find many results.

Now back to the original question: Who invented the private jet? You can’t be sure. Some people claim that it was the Wright brothers who made the first flight. Others say it was German engineer Arnold Wulf who made the first flight in WWI. Many believe that it was Hitler who was obsessed with one day building his own private jet and had it constructed in Nazi Germany before he went on to invade England. And then there are those that say it was none other than Queen Elizabeth II who ordered that all the private jets are built in the 1930’s after she took over the entire country and made it a point to visit all the world’s airports.

Now if you take the time to look at all the theories that you can think of, you will quickly realize that not all of them are correct. That said, let’s take a look at the most popular ones. First off, it is widely thought that the Wright brothers actually sighted the first successful flight over the English Channel. They say that they actually saw a light above their head as they passed above the area. However, there are also many reports that say they saw a small craft flying low and just as quickly as it left their sight, it disappeared from view.

So then, who invented the private jet? Well the answer really depends on who you ask. All we can really safely say is that it is something that has not been officially claimed. As with many things in life, there are too many stories out there for the official details to be known about.

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