Which Country Has the Most Air Crashes?

which country has the most air crashes

Which Country Has the Most Air Crashes?

Many people wonder which country has the most air crashes each year. In fact this can vary from year to year. There are some countries that seem to be particularly prone to air disasters, and these tend to be the ones that are less likely to have an air disaster related death rate. The list is simply not long and includes some of the most popular and developed countries in the world today. These are the countries with the least fatal air disasters per million people every year:

Norway – This Scandinavian country is actually one of the oldest countries on earth. The winter is when this part of the world is at its coldest, but it also has some of the best scenery on the face of the earth. Norway is made up of nine islands, and each island has its own natural beauty. From the far north, you can see far away snowfalls, glaciers, and more. To the south, there are beautiful cliffs with waterfalls that wash away all your worries about global warming.

Switzerland – This is one of the most well-traveled countries in Europe. It has very nice scenery and is very safe for taking a flight or landing a plane. The airports in Switzerland are very big and are well equipped. As long as you follow the rules and regulations regarding security and safety, you should have no trouble flying into Switzerland. They are especially good if you like to play golf or watch any sort of sporting event on your way to or from a country.

Bermuda – This island nation is located right off the tip of Ireland. The weather in Bermuda is pretty much perfect year round. There are plenty of interesting places to go during your stay here, including the famous Seven Mile Beach, which is often referred to as the U.S. beach in the Caribbean. The waters off Bermuda are known for their abundance of lobster and scallops. If you like sailing, then sailing is the way to go. No matter what your preference, you will definitely want to spend some time at sea on some of the most scenic sailboat cruises.

United States – Many people have asked the question, “which country has the most air force?”. Well, it is actually very close to the top. We are still number two, behind Russia. The reason we are so close to second place is because there is a strong military presence here. Whether you want to consider the Air Force Academy, Lackland Air Force Base or Fort Hood, you are in for a great stay in a country that prides itself for its military presence.

France – This is another one of the top destinations for pilots. Its highly trained pilots are very useful in protecting space launches from being attacked by international terrorists. They also fly combat missions over the Mediterranean Sea. While many people do not consider flying over France to be a good thing, if you are an avid pilot, then you will understand why. While the skies of France may be cloudy most of the year, it always looks beautiful and there is a lot of history to be learned.

Italy – There are many similarities between Italy and the US. Many Italian pilots end up finding fame and often make valuable contacts that can help them find work around the world. Many pilots even end up working with the US military.

These are just a few of the top destinations for pilots in the air force. Of course, there are many more, from the UK to Russia and Turkey to Vietnam. No matter where you are from, there is always a chance to crash or perform a successful air rescue. While it may seem unlikely, if you look hard enough, you could end up somewhere within the next five years. With the right equipment, training and luck, any pilot could end up in command of an aircraft and flying to somewhere unknown.

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