Which Country Has the Highest Number of Private Jet Owners?

In the world of private jet ownership there are several different countries that rank high in the number of private plane owners. These include Switzerland, Dubai, Russia, Norway, India, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. All of these countries have private jet fleets operating each week or month from their airports. The following is a list of the countries based on the number of private jet flights they make each year.

which country has the highest number of private jet owners

Switzerland The small country of Switzerland is ranked at the very top of the world when it comes to private jet ownership. This nation is considered to be one of the safest in the world for private aviation. There are over 100 flying Swiss aircraft for just about every type of private trip or event. This includes charter flights, air tours, and sightseeing tours around the incredible Alps Mountains.

Dubai Located in the Middle East, Dubai is another hot spot for the rich and famous when it comes to private jet travel. With an economy that is less affected by the unstable economy found in much of the middle east, Dubai has become a destination for tourists and businessmen alike. There are many different types of private jet services that can be used to get to Dubai. A trip to this part of the world can be extremely luxurious and incredibly impressive at the same time.

Russia has become a world leader in the business of private jets. It is not uncommon to find Russian aircraft flying out of the red flats of Moscow. There are many different types of private jet services that can be used to fly businessmen and their entourages from the Russian capital to many of the world famous locations. The wealth of information and travel information that is available to a person when they choose to fly from Russia to anywhere in the world is impressive.

India is another hot spot for those who want to fly on a private jet. The sheer size and wealth of this small country have made it a popular destination for jet setters from around the world. India is home to a large number of airports that serve different cities across the world. There are even chartering companies that offer trips that include visits to some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world.

China Another country that has become a sought after destination for businessmen and their entourages is China. Millions of people travel between the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Beijing on a daily basis to do business and travel. A private jet service can be used to take clients and executives on a trip to these amazing places in the world.

France The most southern European country in Europe is also quickly becoming a top vacation destination for people who are seeking privacy and seclusion from the hustle and bustle of city life. Paris is home to some of the most prestigious and elegant buildings in the world, as well as some of the most prestigious private jet services. Many private jet owners fly to France to visit the Eiffel Tower, and take in some of the most gorgeous sights imaginable.

Worldwide travel has never been made any easier by the growing number of companies that offer private charter flights. Any time that there is a need to travel anywhere in the world, you can simply hire a private jet to get there. These aircraft are often only a few hundred feet in length and can carry as many as sixteen people. No matter what your reason for traveling, there is a private jet waiting for you wherever you go. This is another reason why it has become so important to learn the best places to fly to when visiting different parts of the world.

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