Where Do Giants Keep Their Private Jets?

where do billionaires keep their private jets

Where Do Giants Keep Their Private Jets?

If you have ever wondered where do celebrities keep their private jets, you might not need to wonder any longer. The question is not likely to be answered in the next hour or so. Well, unless you have secretly followed one of these mega-rich individuals around for the past several years, you really don’t know where they keep their expensive and probably very comfortable transportation. However, if you travel to areas where there is more secrecy surrounding the jets than there is elsewhere in the world, you can likely begin to piece together a picture of where these famous individuals keep their luxurious jets.

One of the most popular places to keep these private jets at rest is Switzerland. These countries do not own the planes themselves, but instead on the airport that they are used at. This means that the owner of one of these jets cannot just fly anywhere in the world but must first stay at one of their airports until their plane is ready to take off again. Some of the more well-known celebrities who use Swiss airports as their home bases are Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, and Carlos Slim – although there are many more that we may never hear about.

Another popular spot to fly in a private jet is Morocco. This country is relatively small when compared to other countries that feature airports with considerable runways, but it does have one huge advantage that larger countries do not: an area that is completely in the French Alps. The only way a celebrity would be able to get from one of the smaller French airports to Paris or Rome would be by taking a turboprop which can easily handle the steep climb up the French mountains. Once there, they could simply fly into one of the many other smaller airports and continue on. Of course, the benefit of traveling to France in a private jet rather than a commercial airliner is that you won’t have to worry about customs inspections.

In addition to these smaller airports, some of the world’s most famous harbors and cayes also lie in France. Just off the coast of Cannes, there is the Le Balearic Islands – a cluster of islands that make up the largest group of islands in the Mediterranean area. These islands are very popular among celebrities because they offer privacy that is simply not available anywhere else in the world. For instance, when visiting the islands, Bill Clinton asked his driver to stop the car and give him a tour around the island, which he did for several hours.

There are also plenty of business opportunities in France for those with private jets. Business meetings and conferences are extremely common between France and various industries around the world. In fact, one of the biggest concerns that business travelers have today is keeping their flights private when they travel to these meetings. This is because of the risk of being confiscated for trying to bring contraband goods into the meeting.

If your goal is to own a private jet and keep it within the purview of the exclusive, you may be interested in joining a membership club, which can allow you to fly on certain planes and also stay aboard the plane at night. These clubs generally charge a monthly fee, but they are so popular that many people are willing to pay the high costs in order to fly privately. Some of the more luxurious, exclusive memberships offer access to private jets that are only available to members. For example, if you are an executive and you want to fly to and from London on a regular basis, you may consider becoming a member of the exclusive Executive Club.

For those who prefer to own and operate their own private jet, France is home to many great business and leisure jet companies. These companies lease jets to their members and charge a much lower monthly fee. In addition, if you plan to make frequent business trips to other countries, France may be the perfect destination for your business jet charter. The country’s infrastructure is top notch and it is well connected to many other major airports around Europe and the rest of the world.

Some of these jets have the capacity to carry as many as twenty or thirty passengers. If you are a business giant and have decided that you want to travel regularly to different parts of the world, you should seriously consider leasing a jet. You will be amazed at the amenities that you will receive, especially when you book your flight as early as possible. You can get great deals on the jets and you may even qualify for some discounts off of your airfare and other costs.

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