What UK Airports Has to Offer About Smoking Rooms

A few short years ago, when I was in the air, flying to New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, one of the first things I thought about was what we airports had to offer for a good place to get a decent burger. Like many people, I am always looking for somewhere to eat when I am bored, but it can be difficult finding an excellent dining establishment when the rest of the city is filled with action-packed excitement. There are no chain restaurants in airport terminals anymore; there are just fast food franchises and small corners with expensive seating that seem to be abandoned even more often. That is a shame, as there is nothing better than what we airports have to offer.

what us airports have smoking rooms

I think one of the main reasons why these places have given up the smoking rooms is the price. When you factor in the cost of a long plane ride, and the added expense of parking and boarding, you are suddenly looking at very large bills. The best part is that most airports now have very reasonable, competitive pricing on their smoking rooms. If you are tired of being trapped in your own private hell, then these smoking rooms might be exactly what you need to help you relax.

First of all, what do these smoking rooms offer? In addition to offering a cheap, quick meal, they also offer a service that most of us could not afford while we were still working: a personal chef who will cook your meal and deliver it on your behalf. In this way, you don’t have to bother with the old standards of fast food (burger, fries, soda, etc. ), and you don’t have to worry about getting up half an hour before your flight to find a decent place to eat.

Of course, the personal chef is not the only service offered. There are over forty different types of smokers available to work with you. This includes people who are very high-functioning (in terms of mental capacity) and those who have serious problems with smoking. If you have a problem with smoking, there is a meeting area available to you where you can go to talk things over with your guide. This is a huge benefit if you have a true, lifelong addiction to smoking.

The Smoking Rooms offers all this, but there is one other service that is offered as well. For a small fee you can visit the lounge for a quick smoke or to do some relaxation exercises (a good idea to release stress after a long flight and a stressful day). In most cases, the fee is non-refundable. However, in many cases it can be used towards a future visit. So if you really enjoy smoking, it makes good business sense to visit one of the smoking rooms available at UK airports. Even if it is only for one or two cigarettes, it will be money well spent.

Most airports offer smoking areas at both ends of the terminal. For example, the British Airways’ smoking area is located beside the passport, security and check-in counters. The Jet Express offers a similar service at both the arrival and departure terminals. Some even offer a smoking area outside the aircraft to visitors.

Some hotels have indoor and outdoor smoking areas as well. These smoking rooms are not open to the general public, but they can be booked for private events. They may also be available for rental for a certain period of time. These are not standard features but when booking your hotel or flight online make sure that you can use these facilities.

When you travel away from home to visit friends, family or your work, you should consider what UK airports have to offer you. Many have become destinations for smokers looking to reduce their cigarette cravings. Some of the best airports for this are Gatwick and Heathrow. However, they also have facilities for those who want to smoke in their own private rooms. Even if you don’t want to go through the airport security, it’s worth finding out what other options are available where you are staying.

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