What to Look For When You Want to Buy a Private Helicopter in India

can i buy a private helicopter in india

What to Look For When You Want to Buy a Private Helicopter in India

“How can I buy a private helicopter in India?” This is a common question from all parts of the world. With so many airfields available and so many companies manufacturing and delivering them, the country that once had no other means of transportation except through trains now has its own helicopters for sale and charter. So what’s on offer?

The private helicopter industry in India has opened up so much because there are so many companies that have set up shop here over the last few decades. With competition between companies getting stiffer by the day, it has meant that prices have come down drastically over the years and even today you can get some really good deals for these choppers. In fact, many of these companies advertise on television and even offer free transport services for customers who are interested in purchasing their choppers. You can also benefit from direct marketing through flyers, brochures and websites.

If you are looking to purchase a private helicopter of your own, you should do the proper research to find out if the company from which you have ordered one is reliable. If you have contacted the company directly, you can find out more about the company and what they can offer you. There are many things to look out for when you are dealing with a company for the sale of a helicopter or a charter flight.

– Do you need to have special qualifications or training before you can buy the machine? Check if the company you are dealing with holds license to operate the machines and check with the central air traffic controller. If you are doing a deal with an off-the-shelf company then ask them about the type of engine they use. The quality of engines that are used on these machines greatly affects the kind of service you will get.

– Is there a warranty on the machine? Before you invest in a private helicopter, be sure to check whether the company from which you are procuring the machine provides a limited three-year warranty on the helicopter. The company should also provide you with a repair and maintenance log book. If you buy from a renowned company then it is not a bad idea to also check whether they also offer insurance on the chopper.

– Is the company registered? All countries have to register their companies to receive certification. This is very important because the certification shows that the company is recognized and has been tried and tested. Only genuine companies can afford this kind of certification. It would not be good to invest in a company that is yet to get a certification.

– Does the company have a helipad for sale? If the company does not have a helicopter to sell, check if they have another facility like an aviation school or an aviation club that could help you learn how to fly a helicopter. Such clubs usually run courses during the vacations and you could try and pick up some tips while at the same time enjoying yourself at the same time. Just make sure you do not sign up for any course that is offered for free.

Before you invest in a private helicopter, make sure you have done enough research. Check whether the company has a helipad that can meet your requirements. Check whether the company is registered and accredited.

– The cost should be right. Look at the list of services and features provided by the company and compare them with prices in different places. Make sure you know of all the fees charged before investing. You can save yourself from any unnecessary expenses if you do not spend money on things you do not need.

– Look for companies that have served the required purpose in the past. See how many helicopters have been used and what service they have offered. The private helicopter service provider should have handled emergencies in the past, so that it is safe to invest your money. Also, to make sure the private helicopter company has the proper standards of safety and maintenance, check with the aviation ministry.

– Look for a reputed company. A private company that has been operating for several years is most likely reliable and will be able to offer you a reasonable rate for the services you are looking out for. It is also important to find out whether the private helicopter company has an office in your city or locality. This means that they are close enough to help you when you are in need.

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