What Time of Year Is Turbulence the Worst?

what time of year is turbulence the worst

What Time of Year Is Turbulence the Worst?

What time of the year is Turbulence the worst? This can depend on where you are in the world and what your local weather may be. Some places have much milder winters than others, so one might be more “turbulent” than another. The Gulf Coast for example is notorious for its storms. Here we will look at some of the worst airlines for turbulence as well as what to do if you are flying into that area during your next flight.

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere summer time then this is when you most likely will experience turbulence. Turbulence can be severe and very localized (wind blow out from a single point in the middle of the storm) or it can be quite severe and wide spread (wind blow out for several days). Either way, the wind speed is usually quite high and/or the clouds are very heavy or cover the sky. Most pilots describe these conditions as being “bumpy” since they can either be very light or completely absent.

In the Northern Hemisphere (Polarity North) this is when you will see the large area of cloudy, low lying clouds which is also often referred to as “icy cold”. The best times for this kind of turbulence are during the winter months and the fall. The winds are usually light and/or not nearly as severe. If you are flying in this area and you are not watching for severe turbulence, then the wintertime months (October – March) is when you will find the highest amounts of turbulence.

As you can see, the “what is turbulence” question has many different answers depending on where you are and what time of year you are experiencing it. It can be severe or light, but there is a time when it is the worst. So how do you know when to expect severe thunderstorms in your area? The best way to look at this is the National Weather Service websites. They usually list the highest warnings for each area. These are usually for areas which are commonly plagued by severe thunderstorms.

For example, if the NWS list the heaviest warnings for that time of the year then that usually indicates that a storm with wind speeds of at least a 60 mph will be coming. This is usually accompanied by hail and large falling objects. If the NWS warning list the highest tornado warnings then this would indicate that tornados (which are usually tornadoes) are likely to come in at any time. Keep in mind that tornadoes usually last longer than hurricanes, so watch the weather channel daily for their updates.

So how do you know when it is the worst? Well, that depends on whether or not you are in a tropical area. In this case, it will be called “tropical” turbulence and you will be expected to deal with it. When it is below tropical storm force then the winds will be light and often swells as well. What time of year is turbulence, the worst is really dependent on where you are.

When it is above tropical storm force then you are going to need to get to the higher elevations in your home quickly. This can often mean getting to the top of a mountain. Once you are up there you should be safe from any violent winds and storms in the air. This is also when you need to be able to hear the severe thunderstorms clearly. If you have not seen or heard severe thunder before it can be a good idea to record the sound of the thunder for later review.

Now that you know the answer to the question what time of year is turbulence the worst for your area, you are ready to get prepared for it. The time that you should prepare yourself for severe weather can vary. Some people prepare themselves for months ahead of time and others prepare themselves just days. Either way, it will be important that you are prepared. Start looking into what kind of equipment you might need, what shelters you could need, and start practicing your skills for safety.

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