What is Tiger Woods the Wealthiest Athlete?

It’s a simple question to answer, who is Tiger Woods? I believe it was Michael Jordan who said at one time “Money can’t buy love.” And I think that when Tiger Woods said that, he meant that the money can’t buy love. But it almost sounds like an excuse, he could have said that about anyone. Is Tiger Woods the richest athlete of all time? Let’s find out.

is tiger woods the richest athlete

You know, I’m not saying that Tiger Woods is a poor athlete. He is currently tied for most money won as the highest paid athlete. But, what about his place at the All time list? He is tied for most Masters played. Most playoff games played, and most major tournaments played.

Now, does Tiger Woods belong in the same class as the rest of the athletes on this list? Sure, but why? I mean, if you look at all the athletes here, how rich do they really look? None of them are rich, they are all average athletes. But if you take a look at the richest athlete of all time and then take a look at Woods, you can start to see an obvious pattern.

Woods is an average to above average athlete. However, he is a rich athlete. Now if you take the sports books and the sports betting line, you will notice that Woods’s net worth is more than Bill Gate’s is. Tiger Woods is an extremely rich athlete.

Now, here is where I part with the Rich Guy mantra. I don’t think that Tiger Woods is an extremely rich athlete. But he is a very rich sports book athlete. I think what separates him from the other great athletes of our time is his ability to market himself.

I know people who bet on all sports and make a living doing so. They aren’t rich, but they are successful. So, it is important to understand that the money is not in the betting, but in the marketing. The top sports book publishers understand this. And that is why they market themselves so well.

Tiger Woods, like most athletes, doesn’t have the financial backing of a publishing house. He has to rely on sports book companies to promote him and tell his story. That is why there is so much emphasis on his personality and on his ability to be a “winner.” In a sense, Tiger Woods is the new rich kid on the block, a kid that comes from rags to riches.

You might say to me, why does Tiger Woods have to be the richest athlete of all time if not because he is so good at what he does. The truth is, there is no blueprint for success, there are no guarantees, and there is no such thing as a simple strategy that will produce results. But if you do have a good system, with proven strategies that work, you will see consistent, long-term profits. It is true that Tiger Woods is the richest athlete of all time, but he isn’t the richest athlete in the history of mankind. Think on this.

Some of the richest athletes of our time came from rags to riches, and it does take more than luck to get rich. But it is also true that there is some sort of “plan” for their success. There is something called the “business cycle,” and it works for most athletes, not just famous ones like Tiger Woods. If you read a good book about business, like “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill, you will learn about the “laws of attraction” that work to make the rich prosper and the poor suffer.

Woods is part of the rich crowd, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he raked in billions of dollars this year. If you have read Hill’s book, you know the secret. It’s not that Woods has a special genetic makeup that makes him rich. It is that he understands how the law of attraction works. In other words, he is someone who understands the power of positive thinking and putting his heart into his profession, like golf, has really paid off for him.

So what is tiger Woods the richest athlete? Is he the richest athlete because he is the best golfer on the planet or is it because he has a huge bankroll and is a great marketer? What if we told you that instead of buying lottery tickets, or being a multimillionaire with a fleet of airplanes, Woods has an organic food company? Would you believe?

Tiger Woods is the richest athlete because he knows how to use the law of attraction to attract his way to the top. If you really think about it, isn’t it also true that the wealthy people we call successful are just as likely to use the same secrets and laws of attraction to attract even more wealth? And is it true that rich people have more friends, or are more likely to help those in need? The real secret is that you can use these secrets of the universe to be rich yourself. All you need to do is ask, and you will soon know the answer to the question “what is tiger woods the richest athlete?”

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