What Is the Most Dangerous Airline?

what is the most dangerous airline

What Is the Most Dangerous Airline?

What is the most dangerous airline has been a question asked by many people over the years. I have had a lot of questions over the years from friends, family and colleagues wondering that question. My answers have always been the same and they are all pretty safe answers.

The first thing that would be considered dangerous is the fact that any passenger on the plane could bring a weapon onto the plane. This includes a knife or gun. Obviously you can not bring a weapon onto an airplane as it is against the law and that would result in you having to sort out whatever you had with you before you leave. However if your only weapon is a knife you should be fine as long as it does not come in contact with another person. There are plenty of other ways you can cause a problem on a plane without harming other passengers.

The second thing that would be considered dangerous is flying while drinking. This includes drinking alcohol during take off and take offs. If you drink alcohol before flying you run the risk of having a hangover the next day which will slow you down considerably and could easily cause you to lose your balance and fall asleep. It is also illegal to drink while flying so you could spend some time in jail or the local airport getting off.

There is also the issue of dehydration while flying. If you do not replenish yourself on the plane, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated, which will impair your ability to think and function properly. You may also pass out and become unconscious on the plane and this could prove fatal. I have actually heard of people passing out due to the effects of alcohol on the body and not necessarily due to being dehydrated.

Many people argue that sleeping in an aisle seat or reclining in an aisle seat is more comfortable than sitting in a bucket. I have a hard time with this argument because it is easy to slip out of your bucket if you are not watching what you are doing and it can be extremely difficult to get back in if you fall asleep. Many of us have had the experience of falling asleep in an aisle seat and awakening on the plane with our luggage still in our arms and unable to drive or walk around until we have the rest we need. The airlines should be more concerned about passenger safety rather than making themselves look good.

What about drugs and alcohol? I am all for freedom and choice, but you also have to realize that flying will expose you to a number of harmful chemicals and drugs that could adversely affect your body. What about pollen and insects? You run the risk of getting a headache or sneezing from the pollen in the air or getting stung by insects on the plane.

The most dangerous airline is also likely to be the most overbooked. If there are too many flights going to the same destination then it just means the airlines must make up for the loss by offering cheaper tickets. Of course this does little to help the people who need to travel but they still have to pay the price. The passengers who pay the price for the airline tickets are usually the most irritated when the flight is delayed or even cancelled. This is when the most dangerous airline gets involved because if the flight is delayed for an extended period of time, the likelihood of passengers actually being able to fly is diminished.

The above list is by no means conclusive, as they are only a few of the many factors that could lead to plane crashes. In order to get a true picture of what is the most dangerous airline subject, one should do some online research in order to obtain as much information as possible. There are many forums online where you can read real life stories of what has happened to other passengers and pilots. Don’t take any of the above information as fact, but use it as a guideline in order to stay safe when travelling.

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