What Is Another Name For Charter Schools?

What is another name for a charter school? Well, you have probably already heard it. In fact, if you were recently reading a news article on charter schools, you would find that one was mentioned several times. But why is that? Why has the discussion about them was roaring now, as opposed to a few years ago when they were barely heard of at all?

what is another name for charter

It’s simple. The public school system is slowly losing ground to the charter school movement. Most people blame the public schools, but that is only because most of them are funded by taxpayer money. Those funds are cut from each school and used to fund the charters. Thus, when a new school starts up, those tax dollars that were meant to help the public school system must be spent to help finance the charter school as well.

That means that the schools, which are the majority, have to raise their tuition to make up for it. Which means that the people who pay for the charter school to get the shaft. So, the next question is–where will the money come from to support the charter school? Most of it comes from government sources. Charters are run at the local and state levels, so they must raise their own revenues in order to provide the services that the charter school is supposed to provide.

So, the next question is–is there a way for the public to finance a charter school without cutting the school system they rely on? There is a way. Tax dollars can be used to create a non-profit charter school association. This type of school association, which has charter schools as members, would then seek public donations in order to keep the schools operating.

Now, this is not another name for the charter school, is it? Yes, but not any more. The money raised by the association would go into the special funds, which schools in the association would then use for capital expenses and student aids. Non-profit associations have been set up for just this purpose, and many of them have received donations from individuals and groups.

How many charter schools are there in the United States? Over thirty-five hundred, according to the most recent count. Some charter schools are actually virtual schools. They may have the same curriculum and the same administration as the traditional public schools, but they are remote from the local community, and receive their financing from an online source, usually a parent organization.

There are many other ways in which money can be raised to support charter schools. Tax dollars can be obtained by a local governing body in your area, which could issue bonds for the purpose. Private foundations and special interest groups also may be soliciting funds for charter school needs. It is, indeed, an interesting question, what is another name for the charter school, and there is plenty of time to find out, if such an idea ever receives enough support from those charged with the responsibility of operating public education.

No one has yet come up with a really satisfactory answer as to what is another name for a charter school, although a new effort is underway to provide one. A group called Achieve Inc. is trying to design a charter school funding formula using performance goals and accountability ratings that schools can meet. So far, other groups, such as the American Association of School Administrators, are supporting the effort. And so far, no one knows exactly what is another name for charter schools. One thing is certain. They are here to stay.

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