What Can You Not Eat On A Cruise? Find Out Now – Don’t Say You Did!

What can you not eat on a cruise? The short answer is: pretty much anything. There are no specific dietary restrictions, but most areas of the ship will make you leery of some of your favourite foods. For example, there will almost always be a restaurant ban on smoking (in America, at least). This means that non-smokers are generally welcome on board.

what can you not eat on a cruise

Cruise liners have also got their menus already prepared for them. Unless you want to sit at the bar stools for two hours, chances are you’ll be eating at the dining room table. However, don’t worry. Most of the dining rooms are set up to look more like home than a fancy restaurant. They have plush surroundings, comfortable chairs and a variety of dining options.

The only thing you cannot eat on a cruise are alcoholic beverages. Even onshore casinos won’t allow you to drink alcohol on the ship. You’ll either have to go into shore to enjoy a drink with your friends, or take a cab back to the port. On a few extremely rare occasions, a ship has been known to allow a player to drink for free. Generally, though, this is only when you’ve paid your ticket.

If you’re in need of protein, your options on a cruise are even slimmer. Cruise lines don’t stock large amounts of fine dining, so your best bet for a dining experience is one or two small meals a day. These meals will typically be quite inexpensive. Of course, if you really want to splurge, the fine dining that does offer may come with a buffet, which will definitely cost extra money. But it’s still much better than eating at a buffet, isn’t it?

In addition to not being able to eat what can you not eat on a cruise, some people don’t like to pack extra clothes and luggage. This means that you may have to trade your regular clothes for sweatshirts or khakis. Cruise liners do allow men and women to pack their own linen or sweatshirts, though. Women usually have to bring their own beach towels and swimsuits, too. Men can bring their own suits and jackets.

One thing that many people forget to pack our camera bags, sunglasses, sunblock, and of course, food. While it would be nice if you could pack everything you’d ever need on a trip, it just is not realistic. You may be able to get away with bringing more dry food and drinks into the cabin, but it’s not always practical. Most cruises provide snacks once a day and usually you won’t be required to eat them inside the dining room. If you’re looking for what can you not eat on a cruise, remember that dry foods such as cereal, cereals, cookies, crackers, and other finger foods won’t spoil and you won’t need to refrigerate them.

Onboard casinos are another no-no if you’re looking for what can you not eat on a cruise. Even if you have access to a casino in your stateroom, it’s illegal to gamble while on a cruise. And even if you do have access to gambling activities, it’s illegal to gamble on a ship in international waters. Cruise liners aren’t even supposed to gamble, so make sure you bring a few bucks and don’t count on winning any of it on board!

Finally, don’t think that cruise food is any better than home. Remember that cruise liners are restricted to catering services from their own staterooms. This means that you won’t be able to go on any fad diet that you might try back home. There is only so much you can do in the confined space of a stateroom. Pack smart and stay healthy when you’re on a cruise!

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