The Day That The World Died – Starring Tom Cruise and Doug Lorimer

The first of the Tom Cruise movies to receive the best reviews was Top Gun. In this movie Tom Cruise plays a young man who is assigned by the US Air Force to fly an F eighteen Fighting Vehicle, the F-18. He ends up flying the wrong aircraft and shoots at enemy soldiers (led by instructor Number Two) without hesitation. He manages to shoot all of the soldiers and the film ends with him shooting down a German helicopter.

did tom cruise fly the f18 in top gun 2

Within days, his superiors give him the rank of corporal. On the third day, he is given a shot at the top of the military pyramid. There, he meets his friend Carl Valentine. He tells Carl that he intends to fly the F eighteen and become a pilot. Later on, he gets promoted and is given the right to fly solo. His promotion is announced over the radio by his friend Mike Valentine.

This film has received several awards and has been one of the most well-received films of all time. Many critics have voted it as one of the best action films of all time. It was later voted as one of the best war films of all time in various polls.

The plot of the film revolves around the development of a group of young rebels. One of these rebels is played by Tommy Lee Jones, who plays the part of Private First Class Thomas Magnum. He defects from the US Army and is trained by the Chinese in some underground warfare training. He is then sent to the Philippines to aid the guerilla groups fighting the Japanese in their struggle for independence. Along the way, he encounters the legendary and strong leader of the Morrisellons.

Thomas Magnum is assigned to fly a strategic nuclear delivery vehicle to Berlin. However, while flying this plane, he crashlands it onto the Chinese compound. There, he is captured and his associates are taken as prisoners. While in the prison, they are given food and water by a Chinese named Wu Qi. Wu Qi is ruthless and wants to make an example of those who turn against the Chinese. He tortures and kills the eighteen captured American pilots.

Cruise plays the role of a private who saves the prisoners. However, he soon realizes that the Chinese have plans to execute them. The film explores how a man’s personal and professional life gets interwoven with the struggle between liberty and security. It also depicts how courage is essential in surviving such a difficult situation. These elements make Cruise a likeable character and his character is proven to be very resilient in the face of adversity.

Another reason why this film is so popular among movie lovers is because it is a love story that is romantic in nature. Tommy Lee Jones does a great job of portraying a good friend and a loyal ally to Cruise. Jones also turns in a convincing performance as the villain, Wu Qi. Overall, this film is a definite must-see if you love action and love movies.

This movie will make you feel for Tom Cruise as a human being and as an actor playing opposite someone like Jones. This is a great romantic comedy that just about every person can relate to. I can remember seeing this movie when it was in the theater and thinking “What a kick it is!” Even if you have not seen this movie, you have probably at least seen the trailers for it. You know without a doubt that it is a fantastic movie.

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