Jeff Bezo Has a Jet! How to Buy a Jet With Him

does jeff bezos have a jet

Jeff Bezo Has a Jet! How to Buy a Jet With Him

Ask any successful real estate investor who sells homes how many times Jeff Bezos has met his realtor in person. The answer will probably be “Not too often”. This is not because of any defect on the part of Jeff Bezo’s realtor. It is simply a matter of time management. Jeff Bezo is a highly successful investor, with multiple home sales under his belt, but time management may have something to do with his success. The great thing about investing in real estate, especially in Seattle, is that it can make even the best investor out of you.

Think back to when you first started investing. It was probably your first year on the job – or maybe it was your first day. You had an investment you loved and you wanted to go do some fun things in your free time while making money. You took your time and managed your portfolio well. That is one way to say you did your homework – and Jeff Bezo is the type of investor who diligently manages his portfolio.

You are also doing your homework by watching the daily stock prices of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Wells Fargo, Credit Suisse, Charter Communications, CitiBank and Mr. & Mrs. Bills. These are all known as the “big boys” and they are spending big bucks every day on research and their businesses. When you are watching your penny stock’s price to rise and fall, you are doing your homework – just like Jeff does. This makes sense, as the same stocks will likely rise or fall in value during your investment’s life cycle.

When I watch these stock prices, I keep a notebook handy and I jot down notes along the way. A couple of things I note: The stock prices of Microsoft, Apple and Wells Fargo go up and down every day – sometimes dramatically. This means that – if you buy and sell during this time – you are in a position to make some money if the company’s stock price goes up. If it drops, you’ll get in a pinch if the company’s stock drops.

When I look at jets, I also jot down notes. My notes say that First Flight Capital is a private limited liability company that has interests in aircraft – charter, air ambulances, air taxis, cargo planes, helicopters, luxury jets and more. With this impressive line of business interests, I think it’s safe to say that Jeff Bezo has a jet of his own.

If he does have his own jet, how does he get access to it? Is he leasing it from someone? Who else could he be leasing from? With so many jets for sale – from private jet brokerages to banks to private sellers – how does Jeff Bezo get access to one of the most sought after jets?

Well, if you do a Google search on “jet,” you’ll find out that there are thousands of results. Most of them will be planes that belong to different businesses. So who are these businesses?

Well, you can start your search by going to WebPages for Businesses that have jets. You can also do a Google search on the exact words, “jet owner.” These are just a few examples of the type of businesses you can find there. Once you find a business that has a jet, you can contact them and ask how much they are willing to pay for it.

Once you have agreed to buy a jet, you can work out the terms of the sale with the seller. This is where a jet broker comes in handy. These people are independent agents who buy and sell jets. A broker will be able to tell you what jet is available and at what price. He can also tell you what is being offered to make the deal successful.

Once the deal has been sealed between buyer and seller, the new owner must follow some procedures. This means making sure that legal documents have all been signed and all fees have been paid. The new owner also has to submit to taxes, but not until after he receives the plane. The paperwork involved should not scare a person because it is quite simple – the seller should receive the plane on the day he pays the tax. After that, the paperwork should be finished and the business can officially launch.

It’s not every day that you get to fly in a private jet and at such an extraordinary cost. Nevertheless, it is an opportunity that all businessmen should take advantage of. The business can progress without any hindrance and Jeff Bezo can rest assured that he has a jet of his own at the disposal of his business. What more can he ask for?

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