Is Virat Kohli Owned a Private Jet?

The question “Who is Virat Kohli?” is one of the most asked questions in India. A leading personality, Kohli is well known for his high level of personal magnetism as well as immense business acumen. He is also known for his passion for golf and other outdoor activities. A private jet belongs to the club of members of an exclusive elite.

is virat kohli owns a private jet

This private jet belongs to Kohli, who is the President of India as well as the Managing Director of IDFC Capital. He is also a member of the elite club of Indian Expatriates. Many think that he flies to different countries on business or pleasure, but he also takes a serious interest in the country’s politics.

This is how Virat Kohli acquired his private jet. Recently, Kohli was spotted in New York city attending an exclusive gala while aboard his private jet. It is believed that he was visiting New York to attend the annual Indian American Technology Entrepreneurs meeting. There are speculations that he might be there to clinch a deal or maybe even an agreement to sell off some of his holdings in the booming private aviation sector of India.

There are many theories about who owns a private jet. Many speculations have been around since the very beginning. Some say it is Kohli himself. Others say that it belongs to the son of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. And then there are those who say that it belongs to prominent politicians, businessmen and celebrities as well as celebrities.

All these theories have varying degrees of truth. But, regardless of the truth or fiction involved, the fact remains that Kohli owns a private jet and is a member of the exclusive Club of Five. This is a membership club, which has been operating for the last thirty years from Washington DC.

Besides, Kohli is also a member of the exclusive Club of Six which is an international business network. Members of this elite group include some of the most prominent businessmen of the world includingates, construction and infrastructure firms, multinational companies, banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies. It is also believed that he is also a member of the International Airline Travelers Association or IATA which is the international airline travel governing body.

The personal jet that Kohli owns is a Gulfstream V flown by entrepreneur Tom Baldwin. The jet is reportedly carrying just twenty passengers and is being flown to Italy where Kohli plans to spend a few days with his friend and business partner, billionaire entrepreneur Silvio Sacchi. Kohli along with his accomplice, former Times Now reporter Anna Kaisaris lived out in California for a month while working on a major corporate story. Sacchi is also said to be the main investor behind Yahoo’s bid to acquire the troubled Silicon Valley website.

There are rumors that Kohli is living in California while the deal goes through. But, it is said that he is also traveling to London, Spain and Rome to meet his former Times Now reporter, now a partner of Time Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Mark Meyer. Reports have also stated that Kohli is also going to India soon as part of a major investment in the country. This will be the third private jet of Virat Kohli after his jet which was bought by Trump earlier this year. If the reports are true then it is evident that Virat is onto something big in business and not only for the benefit of his family but also for the benefit of India.

It may be true that Kohli is busy in dealing with his new employer but still we have seen this happen before in other international businesses. When a company acquires another, it is usually the case that they do not just hire a new employee but also buy the office and its furnishings. A lot can happen in a few months or years and there are cases when the new employer is out with their staff to run the day to day operations. Some employees may get transferred around as well. In a situation like this, it is obvious that a private jet of theirs would be used for personal reasons only.

There is no doubt about it that Virat Kohli is rich and that is why he is flying around in a private aircraft. It is just that not everyone is so lucky as they have seen in the past. Now that Donald Trump and his family are in the business, it is safe to assume that they will be using these jets to travel around and help their business grow.

What is Virat Kohli is a question that cannot be answered yet. At least we do not know who owns these private jets now that they belong to the boss of Trump. However, there is no doubt that in the business of real estate, private jets play a very important role. The question is, will they still be in use when Trump is out of the White House?

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