Is There a Smoking Area at Cardiff Airport?

is there a smoking area in cardiff airport

Is There a Smoking Area at Cardiff Airport?

It’s a strange feeling when you think there is a smoking area at Cardiff Airport. This may come as a surprise to visitors of the airport as it’s not a usual place that you would expect to find smoking allowed. The truth is, there are designated smoking areas in and around the airport. You won’t usually see smokers here though as they don’t tend to frequent this place. It is strictly for those who are either smoking or have a health condition such as asthma that must smoke inside.

There is one problem with this though, and that is that this policy is in place until further notice. It does mean people are going to be using these designated smoking areas more. It is also likely that the number of smoking zones will increase over time. So where do you go if you really don’t want to be outside? Well, the best option available to you is to look online. Search the internet for “Cardiff airport smoking area” and you’ll find plenty of online companies offering services in this area.

What happens then? Well, the first thing to do is to find a company you like the look of. Look at their site and see what sort of things they offer. Some of them will even allow you to book online, which is great if you want to do your research quickly.

When you’ve done that, you should take a close look at what they offer. The best ones are going to have several different options for you. Take a look and see how many smoking places there are for you to choose from. You should be able to put in your departure airport and your return airport. It’s good to know you’re covered for all the places that passengers might travel through.

You should also check out the packages they offer. There are many different packages you can sign up for. Some of these include free smoking in the lounge, or a few free cigarettes with your coffee in the morning. This can be a really big money saver!

You also want to make sure that the company you use offers some sort of customer support. You don’t want to get into a situation where you spend too much time trying to call someone back for something. If that happens, you may never get your refund again. The last thing you need is to lose your deposit because you couldn’t get the service you wanted.

Finally, it’s probably a good idea to ask around as well. See if anyone has used a company before and how they felt about it. Of course, don’t be afraid to ask your regular smoker. They may not tell you but they aren’t lying. They may even be happy to share!

If you have made up your mind to go ahead and smoke, there are many different places you can choose from. There are even designated areas by the hotels. If all else fails, there are of course the famous cigarette vending machines that remain open until you decide to put them out of business. You can’t go wrong when you take the time to find the place that works best for you!

If you can’t seem to find any, don’t give up. You may have to try the local smoking areas first. Many places are open until late in the evening. That could mean the area is open as you are heading somewhere.

If these options don’t work for you, there are always the hotels that surround the airport. Usually the bars and restaurants are open until late as well. However, those are for those who are traveling alone. If you’re traveling with a group of friends or family, there are some great groups that offer meetings at the airport as well.

Now that you have decided to finally stop smoking, don’t expect it to be easy. It is hard. There are so many triggers for smoking that it can be hard to avoid at times. It is however worth the effort and time. Your health will thank you for it when you decide to get back to your normal life without all the dangerous side effects of cigarettes.

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