Is Ronaldo Black Africa Really a Millionaire?

is ronaldo billionaire

Is Ronaldo Black Africa Really a Millionaire?

Are Ronaldo, Benzema and Silva a new class of footballing superstars? This is the question that has been plaguing the minds of every follower of the game for quite some time now. It is a question that goes far beyond the world of football and one that will hopefully be answered soon enough in order to put an end to all the speculations and fan debates that have been building up for quite some time now. In a recent interview, however, the Real Madrid forward, Ronaldo, did not deny the obvious fact that he is a superstar and is definitely on the same level as the likes of Beckham, Lampard and others. Despite this, the widely accepted fact remains that he is probably not as rich as the other players mentioned and this is something that is bothering the other football players even more.

When the question was broached about whether Ronaldo is the best football player of all time, the answer will probably surprise you. The consensus opinion is that he is and that he has surpassed David Beckham when it comes to European soccer royalty. If the former Portugal international had retired a few years back, he would most probably be second in the all-time list and that is something that the fans of the game are not happy with at all. With that being said, there is no doubting the fact that he is one of the biggest draws in the world of football and with that comes a huge amount of money.

The question that will be on everyone’s mind is: how much is ronaldo worth? Well, this is not a simple question to answer as the value of a commodity or currency change greatly depending on the situation. The current financial crisis in Spain has forced its citizens to take a look at their past. They want to find out whether they have spent so much money over the past five decades on certain companies only to wake up one day and discover that they are bankrupt.

That makes you think of various other things including how did the government get involved and how come he ended up with such a big pay check for such a small role in his career. What is even more interesting is that his pay is almost double what any other football player in the world is earning today. The real question is: how did he get to that level? And who is going to hold him accountable if he continues like this? That is something that will have to be discussed when the time comes, but for now let’s just enjoy the success of the soccer player born in Belo Horizonte, Cristiano Ronaldo.

In terms of football, Ronaldo is second only to Pele, who is the only player to win the World Cup three times, and is now the most paid athlete in the world by far. By winning the double, and making Cristiano Ronaldo the face of sportsmanship and virtue, he has also established himself as the one and only figure that represent the new generation of superstars. That is exactly what he is: a new generation, a new breed.

So now that we know who he is, and what he is worth, we can see where he is getting all of those benefits. There is one clear link, and it is worth billions of dollars, and that is in the form of a private jet. The private jet is worth much more than the five-star hotels and the millions of dollars that Cristiano Ronaldo is earning, so why is he not flying around in an airplane that already belongs to someone?

That may seem like a dumb question, but the important thing is that the answer is; why hasn’t he already flown around in a private jet? A lot of people are very jealous of the superstar right now, and they want to be just like them. We have seen many musicians, athletes, and celebrities make tons of money, and we see their vehicles and homes, and we see their multi-million dollar contracts. Why haven’t they made the same success in the business world as these superstars? It is because they are not rich enough, and they do not have the kind of fame and recognition that they are earning right now.

Right now, average citizens of our great nation have no clue who Ronaldo, Louis Vuitton, or any other superstar really is. They don’t have the kind of access that only the super rich and famous have. This is where the new generation of wealth is coming from, and we must make sure that we continue to move the economy forward, and make the world a better place for everyone. If we fail to do this, we will continue to see the hemorrhaging of our middle class and the deterioration of our infrastructure, and that is something that we simply can’t afford.

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