Is Flying Over Antarctica Illegal?

Over the years, many flights have been made from Britain to Antarctica and back. Many people believe that flying over Antarctica is illegal, as it is considered a military activity. However, the laws differ depending on where you are flying from. If you are flying into the British Commonwealth or Islands, which are not controlled by the British government, then you should be fine.

is flying over antarctica illegal

The U.S. Navy operates several routes into the Polar Regions. The majority of these flights are made from the U.S.S. When making your flight, be sure to talk with the airline about the route you are taking. Many pilots who have made it to the South Pole are unsure is flying over Antarctica illegal. The answer is yes, if you intend on doing anything other than researching the ice-rich region. Otherwise, it is perfectly safe to do so.

If you have never been to Antarctica, then you may be wondering what is the best way to get there. Luckily, if you have access to planes, you can make a flight to Scotland or a nearby British Airways base. From there, you can take a train ride to the pole. There is even a ferry service from London to Antarctica that will take you to the South Pole. Whether or not this is the fastest way to get to the South Pole, it is certainly one of the most comfortable ways.

In the event that your flight is canceled, which is likely, there is another option available to you. Private aircraft is available to you to fly in any quantity or size. However, you will have to purchase your tickets from a company that specializes in these flights. It is not a wise choice to fly with just anyone. If the plane crashes or has engine trouble, it is too late to change your reservations. Therefore, it is critical that you choose the right company for this type of flight.

Perhaps the question “is flying over Antarctica illegal?” is not the only concern about exploring the ice. While some countries, like Russia and Norway, have strict guidelines, others do not. For example, China does not allow commercial flights to go above its own borders, but South Korea allows them on a very limited basis.

Before you even attempt to take off, you must be aware of the terrain. While you might think that visiting this region from North America would be no challenge, it is quite the opposite. Because of the air temperature differences, the terrain can be extremely cold at times and extremely hot on other days. Therefore, if you are thinking that flying over the ice is going to be easy, think again. Unless you are a hundred percent comfortable with the weather and the potential hazards, it is probably best to pass on this type of trip.

If you are going to visit this continent, you may want to consider staying aboard a commercial airline. Commercial airlines offer many advantages, including the safety that is often unmatched by any sort of private plane. Because commercial airlines fly over Antarctica regularly, it is very likely that you will have the opportunity to see the ice firsthand. On the other hand, if you plan on visiting in any sort of private plane, you should know that this type of flying is illegal.

So is flying over Antarctica illegal? No, it is not. However, if you decide to try to get around this region on a private plane, you need to make sure that you are prepared to deal with the unique dangers that are unique to this continent. The upside, though, is that this winter season will likely be your last chance to visit this area before it is ice-free.

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