Is Flying a Helicopter Harder Than a Plane?

Flying in a helicopter is very different from flying in an airplane. First of all the pilots will have to be specially trained. They have to be able to handle not only the machine but also the environment in which it is flying. They need to be able to deal with any problems that may occur during flight. A small plane is going to have a more forgiving terrain when it comes to landing. However, the same cannot be said for a helicopter.

is flying a helicopter harder than a plane

So, is flying a helicopter harder than a plane? Of course it is harder, but there are some ways to soften the impact of the landing. Some modifications you can make to your helicopter, will lessen the difficulty of landing.

When landing, a helicopter needs to slow down in order to come in contact with the runway. The controls need to be brought back down gradually. If they are too steep they will upset the engine and cause stall. What is flying a helicopter harder than a plane? It is not being able to bring the nose down smoothly when landing. The nose must remain vertical during the landing process.

Landing is easier if the helicopter is landing on soft soil. A helicopter like the Black hawk is better suited to landing on soft soil. This is because it is a smaller helicopter with less fuel on board. As it comes in contact with the ground it is not burning as much fuel.

Landing on wet landing strips is harder for a helicopter than for a plane. The water on the ground slows the downward force of the rotor blades and it causes them to jerk upwards. Landing on dry landing strips does not cause this problem. In fact, if you go even ten feet further backwards without breaking your fall the helicopter will not touch the ground.

Flying at high altitudes requires more energy from the pilot. He has less of a cushion to slow the descent. This is because the aircraft is literally flying at thousands of feet per hour. At sea level the atmospheric pressure is lower because the airplane is a lot closer. So the pressure of the air applied to the pilot and the aircraft is greater.

Is flying a helicopter harder than a plane? I think this depends on whether or not you want to make it easy to glide. If you are a helicopter pilot, you may find that landing on a dry run is difficult. If you are used to commercial flights you probably won’t have a problem. If you are new to helicopters and have little experience, you may find that landing can be a problem.

If you ever take a ride in a helicopter, do ask the pilots how difficult the landing will be. If they tell you they think it will be difficult, don’t be afraid to ask them to explain. It is important to know exactly what you can expect. The more knowledge you have the better decisions you can make. If you decide to purchase a helicopter or RC flight simulator, make sure you check the simulator out before you purchase one.

A good reason to fly RC helicopters is the actual feeling you get in the air. As I mentioned before, helicopters have less drag than planes so it is much easier to glide and land. This makes flying much more fun. However if you have never flown a helicopter before it may not be as easy as you think.

You will probably start out slow when flying a helicopter. It is much easier to learn how to land one than an airplane. If you haven’t flown in a helicopter before you may feel nervous or scared. Don’t worry about it, this is actually normal. Just keep practicing and you will become more skilled and your first flight will be much smoother and you should be able to fly much faster than you would have without training.

When it comes to is flying a helicopter harder than a plane? I would say yes! Now that you know that flying a helicopter is different than flying a plane you can start practicing your skills. If you want to fly RC helicopters professionally you will need more experience and in most cases, a helicopter simulator. These are great for beginners because they will allow you to learn and practice techniques without having to actually fly a helicopter.

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