How Fast is Jay Lenos Jet Car? A Bad Idea Or Reality?

how fast is jay lenos jet car

How Fast is Jay Lenos Jet Car? A Bad Idea Or Reality?

The question of how fast is Jay Leno’s jet car in the movie Kingpin is one that has entertained many. One reason for this is the stuntman that stars in the film. In reality, stuntmen have been testing the limits of speed with jet cars for years. Leno’s car is no exception. Here are some of the details from an interview with Leno’s stuntman.

– The stuntman says that Leno is not the real thing. It’s just a stuntman’s dream. So that really answers the question of how fast is Jay Leno’s jet car. But as a real car, it can go about 200 miles per hour. Obviously that’s not very fast. But when you consider the fact that you can get on board and drive at top speeds, it does become somewhat realistic.

– The actual speed of the car varies with different conditions. That’s why it’s called a “jet car.” It goes so quickly that it’s hard to stay within the lines. A stuntman only has to push it as far as he can stand.

– He says that the only way to actually do this stunt would be to do it on flat ground. However, it’s fun to get up close and look at the effects. The only problem is that the laws of physics don’t care if you do it on concrete or asphalt. They only care if you do it on the water. So instead, the stuntman does it off a set of shelves in the back yard.

– This isn’t the type of car you will see in the Hanes commercial. It’s just something you’d expect to see out on the strip. It’s called a Hot Tread Cam. It looks like a really fast motorcycle with all the fancy lights. It has four spinning wheels, but doesn’t move much faster than a bicycle.

– You have to push it pretty fast, too. Lenos says it takes about a minute to climb a hill. I’m assuming that means it will go as fast through the air as a motorcycle. Not very.

– The idea isn’t to break any speed records, either. The idea is to show off the stunts the driver was able to do, and that’s all. It’s just a lot of fun to watch. If you have kids, you might want to show them how fast the car goes in the videos you make. Or your own children might be interested in driving it, too. They’ll soon learn that driving is just like riding a motorcycle – only faster.

So, how fast is Jay Lenos jet car? It’s not very. But, boy, is it fun to look at and ride. Maybe you should take a look at a kid version of the vehicle, rather than the one he plans to sell.

And here’s the bottom line: This car doesn’t actually perform that way. People say all that matters is how fast you’re moving. That’s fine, if you’re only concerned with speed. But, if you want to be safe – as we all should be – then you should worry about safety first.

There are two types of Lenos jet-car prototypes. One is a “regular” car, the other is a hyper-turbo. Regular cars are about half a million pounds, but the hyper cars top eight or nine hundred thousand pounds. That makes them real fast! But how fast can they go?

Well, they don’t always go as fast as promised. And, of course, that’s because humans haven’t yet figured out how to drive one of these cars at nearly the speed of light. As far as how fast a car can go, well, you’ll have to read the book. I’m not going to tell you what they do go – you have to read it yourself.

But, I will tell you this: The hype surrounding this product is entirely ridiculous. The average person won’t go faster than 125 miles per hour. And I’ve driven some of these prototypes, and they can’t even go up a hill. It’s amazing that this company would put so much money into a concept car that doesn’t work. So, I recommend you avoid this “jet car,” and enjoy the many other brilliant concepts in Ray Laforex’s “Raylan.”

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