How Do Pilots Sleep With Flight Attendants?

Do pilots sleep with flight attendants? That’s a question that comes to the mind of many a long-time commercial airline traveler and I can assure you, it wasn’t always this way. In the early days of air travel it was not unusual for pilots to be involved in some form of romantic liaisons with flight attendants. In fact, it became so common and accepted that I can remember many a plane I have flown where the pilot and flight attendant were actually quite close friends. The funny thing about it is that while they may have been very close, the relationship was not considered one that was subject to public scrutiny or ridicule.

do pilots sleep with flight attendants

Why? Well, one reason is because pilots were often pilots for very short periods of time. The other reason was because sexual relationships between a flight attendant and a pilot could become quite a sordid affair. This would of course bring down the moral character of the flight crew and everyone on-board.

So, how did sexual relationships between Pilots and flight attendants develop? One interesting story that I heard from a flight attendant involved an Air Force pilot that went to the White House to see President Reagan. While at the hotel he had a sexual encounter with a receptionist that he later described to her boss as, “doing what men do”. Of course, she was fired and now she has retired.

While there are many stories of pilots sleeping with their office ladies, there are also accounts of them sleeping with women on the flight line. It appears that sexual relationships between Pilots and their personal assistants, sometimes referred to as flight attendants, have been common place within the airline industry for quite some time. In fact, it is probably safe to say that sexual relationships between Pilots and their personal assistants have been a norm for quite some time. Now that we have internet access it is possible for us to find out just how much they cost the airlines.

From my understanding the pilots would have had a very regular routine of sexual relationships with their personal assistants. In some cases they would have even arranged to meet up in hotels or spas and engaged in sexual acts. In other cases they would have engaged in sexual acts that would not be viewed on a T.V. This could be damaging to their careers and even their sanity.

How did this behavior affect the pilot’s career? Not only did they risk losing their job if caught (this happened in both the United States and Europe), but they also could face serious legal troubles for sexual relationships they had conducted while working for the government. Would you consider it in your best interest to conduct sexual relationships while in flight? This is one of the questions that will need to be addressed.

In a more positive note, it appears that a lot of pilots are accepting of their sexuality now. I remember years ago watching a reality TV series about people who refused to sleep with flight attendants and later being fired by their airline because they were married. This is just one of the extreme cases but it is also an extreme example of what can happen if you decide to sleep with a flight attendant. I would not encourage any pilots to sleep with them, but if they have a personal relationship with one that can’t be answered in a professional manner then it may be a different story.

So, how do pilots sleep with flight attendants? If they have a casual relationship then probably nothing comes of it. However, if they are having a more intimate relationship with a flight attendant that they are controlling, then it may be time to think about getting rid of the relationship. It’s your life and your body to make the decision that is right for you. Consider all this in 2021.

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