Does Warren Buffet Own a Private Jet?

does warren buffet own a private jet

Does Warren Buffet Own a Private Jet?

In his book “What Price is Your Freedom,” author Warren Buffet reveals the number one reason he flies in private jets and charter flights- it saves him time. No longer do you have to fly economy class, sit through the security scan, go through the security check and then wait for your turn at the cockpit. You can take a seat in business class, move aside for the pilot and embark on a one way trip. You don’t have to waste time fighting traffic or dealing with luggage. When you’re done, simply jump in the jet and make your flight.

If your company chartering aircraft is expensive or you are in a large company, this could be the perfect solution for your travel needs. Instead of having to take your own fuel to and from the airport, you can charter a private jet and have all the comforts of home at the same time. You’ll be saving money and time by avoiding the long lines at the airport and the stress of trying to get your baggage on the airplane and into the cramped passenger areas. You can still enjoy all the perks of first class travel without the headaches.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Buffet’s company, Liberty International, accounts for over 25% of the revenue that American Airlines gets in the aviation sector. It makes sense to use the same tactics to attract customers and keep them as customers. The same thinking applies to business-class travelers who may also want to charter private jets for traveling on business.

One perk to owning your own private jet is the convenience. You can literally take your business with you anywhere. There is no more need to rent a huge airplane just to make an appearance at a conference or trade show. You can charter jets of your own to come to and present your services. There are even charter services that will pick up your children from your home for you. You will never have to worry about missing a kid’s baseball game ever again!

A private jet is a business tool that works for you. Not only does it give you flexibility, it allows you to make fewer airport pickups. This will save money on fuel costs. Plus, it lets you arrive at your destination quickly, so meetings and appointments can go by much faster. Think about how much that could add up to over the course of a year. It would certainly be worth it to any business.

So, does Warren Buffet own a private jet? It appears so. In the last two years, he has traveled frequently in business aircraft. Most of these trips were to the West Coast. Although there is no record of his traveling in a private jet, it is safe to assume that he has at least seen one. Most likely, he likes to use them because they offer a more personal service than the commercial airlines.

Of course, all of this pales in comparison to what Warren Buffet does for entertainment while he’s traveling. He seems to prefer to spend his evenings at the movies. For some reason, he just cannot get enough of the glitzy side of Hollywood. He even took his family on a trip to see the latest Batman movie.

So does Warren Buffet own a private jet? It appears so. I would love to sit next to him and explain to him how and why he thinks that it’s smart to travel in this way. As long as he leaves my house with my money, that is all that I care about. After all, when you’re the best, it’s all about the money.

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