Does Priyanka Chopra Own a Private Jet?

Just days before Princess Royal’s historic wedding to Prince William in April, news broke that the future bride – the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra – does indeed own a private jet. It had been speculated that she might be doing so as a way of circumventing rules regarding conflicts of interest imposed by the Joint Operating Establishment (JIO). The term JIO is an acronym for Joint Organizing Committee. However, it does not apply to private aircraft owned and operated by the bride or her husband’s family.

does priyanka chopra owns a private jet

This private aircraft was used for the wedding and is thought to have taken off from London’s Heathrow airport on the same day. It is thought that the jet, which is thought to be a helicopter, later landed at the same runway as another helicopter that took off from the same airport. However, the details have still not been confirmed. No passengers were on board the jet, but it is understood that the wedding party as well as other celebrities were on board.

There has also been suggestions that Princess Royal and the couple’s children also own a private jet. However, it has never been confirmed. If the rumors are true, it will be another feather in the cap of a woman who loves to fly. In fact, it will add to her growing collection of properties. Chopra, who is worth an estimated six-figure salary, already has several jets in her name, including a helicopter.

While some have speculated that the reason Princess Royal is traveling with her entourage is so she can rent a private jet whenever she wishes, the truth could very well be quite different. Chopra does own planes herself, and she is known to occasionally book herself and her company on business class flights. It is believed that she uses these jets for honeymoons and vacations as well. She has also been seen on the red carpet at high profile film premiers, flying in private. There are even reports that Chopra flies in private on very rare occasions to attend the weddings of rich and famous clients.

When asked about whether or not Princess Royal does use a private jet on a regular basis, her rep declined to answer, reiterating that it is the owner’s business to answer that question. “It is private property, yes, as is any private property, as is the rest of my properties,” she said. She would however, say that she is aware of the interest in private jets and she does fly in one on occasion, though it is not often. “I have friends who use them as well. We all keep a fleet of planes.”

Chopra is also a member of the elite Charmed circle, as well as a former member of the elite World of X-Factor and a well-known model. In fact, she is best known for her appearances on television shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and The Apprentice. Chopra has also co-written and helped write many best selling books and has been a contributing writer for many periodicals. So, while Chopra does own a private jet, her exact location and reasons for using it are not divulged in this article. However, she does travel frequently around the world on business, flying in private and she is known to be flying in military aircraft as well.

A private jet is a highly-exclusive type of aircraft and as such, cannot be bought by the general public. If you want to buy a private jet, then you will need to obtain an extremely exclusive arrangement with the airline or aircraft company that owns the jet. This will entitle you to a seat on the plane (flown by a member of your party) and to take advantage of a number of special benefits. Firstly, you will receive the plane on your expense. Secondly, you will also be entitled to use the plane for personal trips, which means that the cost of the flight is reduced. Finally, you will also receive an extensive list of services, such as meals, spas, shopping and even childcare – as long as you are flying alone.

Chopra does not disclose the name of the airline or the cost she pays for her tickets on any of her infomercials. However, if you pay attention to the advert carefully, then you can see that it clearly states that you will be entitled to all these benefits. Another thing to note is that Chopra does fly in private. This is not to say that she flies like a commercial airline, but she does fly in a private jet and she is not carrying any other passengers. Some people might find this strange, but if she is making personal trips, then she is doing so without the added expense of paying for commercial airline tickets. If you want to know the truth about the matter, then do as we suggest and check out Chopra’s website for all the details.

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