Does Mukesh Murthy Drinks Too Much?

Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in corporate India and he enjoys a close association with the Indian masses and especially the youth. He spends his weekends at various charity organizations, which include the likes ofaidassam and temple foundation, where he meets various people and enjoys their company. However, it is believed that he is hooked on liquor and does drink to excess.

does mukesh ambani drink

Recently, we were in the presence of our friend who is a Bollywood actress. She was drinking alone in a bar when a middle-aged man asked her to leave a table he was occupying because he was drunk. This kind of incident has happened many times in the past when our friend was drunk and she paid the price for it. The man in question could not even afford his dinner and left the restaurant without eating anything.

The alcoholism epidemic in the country is such that there are more reported cases of alcoholism in women compared to men. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon. One is that there is no proper male control over the consumption of alcohol as in the case of men. Also, most people in the city do not understand the danger of drinking excessively.

We have seen many movies where the characters drink to the point of deranging their brain chemistry. They also cause severe damage to themselves physically and mentally. It is not only the men who consume excessive amounts of alcohol; there are also many women who are addicted to it. Many young girls working in offices drink more than they are supposed to and some of them even get into the habit of making house calls to their boyfriends. They end up destroying their homes and even end up getting into troubles.

There are many people who have gone to jail because of drunkenness. If one is not able to control his mind and behave according to the traffic rules and regulations, he can create a very big social issue. People working in theatres, clubs and pubs are usually heavily inebriated. They consume large quantities of alcohol and end up causing serious problems for other people.

Women who drink a lot are also prone to being raped by drunk men. Some women also get into fights with their lovers and end up hurting them severely. This is a sad situation which is beyond any individual’s control. But many people who have no other options to turn to alcohol to forget their problems. It is the inescapable truth that alcohol abuse leads to a number of serious problems. There is no doubt that people addicted to alcohol do not find it easy to quit the habits.

Mukesh Murthy’s wife used to take him to a pub every night when he was working. He never used to drink, but when he did, he would not take a break even when his friends asked him to. There is no doubt that people who drink too much are not able to control their drinking. They feel the need to drink even when they are not really feeling well.

One of the major reasons why women choose to drink while they are working is that they are not at all aware of the harmful effects of alcohol on their health. They see a person drinking away and do not bother to ask him questions. Women working at the bar bars should be more responsible as they have access to people who can buy them drinks. This would help them to monitor their drinking and stop once they realize the ill effects.

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