Does Bill Gates Own a Private Jet?

There is one question that always comes up when I am asked about my Multiple Award winning Private Pilot who is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Bill Gates. He is an avid traveler and he was flying around in a private jet just recently. I was curious to find out what the price would be for a private jet using Microsoft’s technology. He said it was a little over two thousand dollars. Is he right?

Why does Bill Gates own a private jet? What does he use it for? Why would he fly around in a private aircraft when he has a small business? How much money is involved? These are questions that everyone who meets Bill Gates tries to answer.

Bill Gates is the Product Development Manager for Microsoft. That means that he goes around looking at how to develop new software. He has had his share of planes crash on his way to meetings and things. It appears that the safety regulations for private jets are not as strict as they should be. If he flies in one that was not properly maintained then he could be in danger.

Bill Gates is probably not the best person to fly in a private jet if there were ever any safety issues. In fact he probably would not want to. The thought of flying and being picked up by authorities while traveling to meetings would send him into a frenzy. How many of us want to be picked up by the authorities while we are on a business trip? Not many of us do.

As far as a private jet is concerned, Bill Gates might have a legitimate reason to fly in one himself. Recently he was spotted at a major business conference traveling in a private jet. Is he there because he wants to see the important people? Is he traveling so he can attend more important meetings? It’s hard to say, but it is a legitimate reason.

What is important though is that any business man that traveling in a private aircraft does so for business. Even if it is for just a day trip or for a round trip flight, he is still traveling in an expensive vehicle. The price of his ticket was quite expensive. Why would any business minded individual fly in a private jet if the cost of the ticket was not very expensive? Most likely they either don’t fly often enough to justify the cost or they fly too frequently to justify the cost of the ticket.

We all know private jets are very sought after by some very wealthy people. They usually hire them out for big trips. However, these are the same people that will charter a plane to fly over and around the area you are visiting in order to get pictures or to observe something new. There are even business men that charter jets for their wives to use when they are on a honeymoon. So, it’s obvious who these private jet owners are.

Does Bill Gates owns a private jet? In my opinion, no one should question his motive. He is doing what he does best and that is making money; and we all want the best of both worlds.

You may question how a jet travel could make Bill Gates so rich. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there are many times when other commercial air flights would turn out to be less than desirable. For example; when taking a private flight you are able to take your date out to a top vacation destination in the world at a fraction of the price it costs for a first class flight to that same destination. Private charters are also much less expensive than the larger commercial airlines. This is another reason why they are such a popular choice for corporate executives.

Gates seems to fly around the world in his private jets more often that I have ever heard. It appears that he is always on the ground and traveling to and from business. I believe this is because he is very good at negotiations. If he had gone the commercial airline route I’m sure that the cost would have been significantly higher. However, because Gates is a businessman who knows how to get things done in the business world, he prefers flying private.

A private jet is an excellent way to set your business traveling apart from everyone else. There are numerous perks to owning one of these jets; for example; you never have to worry about security. Gates is always flying in and out of these private jets, which gives him access to a much larger group of clients than he would ever get on a jet liner. He also gets to make more business connections which leads to more income for himself. All of these things lead me to believe that Bill Gates does indeed fly in his own private jet.

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