Can You Smoke on a Cruise Ship?

Smoking is prohibited on most cruises even for cigarette smokers, but what can you do if your luggage doesn’t have the correct sized electronic cigarettes or a cigar. There are several different sizes and types of cigars that can be purchased on board and smoked by passengers. You will need to know how to light a cigar safely if you decide to light up any cigars.

can you smoke on a cruise ship

Most cruise lines allow smoking on balconies and in the main lounge, but not in the saloons or bars. Smoking is prohibited in the stateroom of the ship. However, some ships have individual balconies or smoking areas that may be lit for the convenience of their passengers. There are also balconies located outside of some of the restaurants on most cruises. If you’re planning on lighting up a cigar or cigarette, it is best to keep it away from the areas where children and other non-smokers may congregate.

Smoking is allowed in most of the staterooms on most of the cruise ships. However, some of the staterooms do have balconies that allow smoking. The balconies in the stateroom of a ship that travels to the Bahamas or to Canada may not be lit, while the balconies in the stateroom of a ship traveling to the Mediterranean allow smoking. It is best to check with your cruise line before you buy a ticket to see which ships allow smoking in their cruise liners.

Many of the cruise ships that travel to the Mediterranean and the Bahamas allow smoking in their staterooms and in their casinos. But some of the cruise ships that travel to the western Caribbean islands do not allow smoking in their staterooms or at their casinos. For those cruises that do allow non-smokers, it’s best to bring a small pack of cigarettes. It’s not a big deal bringing a pack of cigarettes as you won’t need much. But if you do bring a sizable pack of cigarettes, a non-smoker will want to make sure you out them before lighting up.

You can check with your cruise line about their alcohol and drug policies before booking your cruise. Some of the cruise lines have an outright smoking policy, while others have an “occasional smoking areas” policy. With many of the cruise lines, the occasional smoking area may be located within the casino, whereas with others, it may be located outside of the casino.

In addition to the balconies and outdoor smoking areas, most of the cruise lines allow smoking in the engine room. But some of the cruise lines don’t have any smoking areas in the engines. If the ship has a smoking area, you must locate it in the galley, or on deck. Please note that the marine cook is not allowed to make you a sandwich in the engine. If you wish to light up, you must do so in an authorized smoking area. Please remember that smoking is prohibited on all decks.

Now that we’ve got the legalities out of the way, let’s discuss the benefits of utilizing one of the many available smoking areas on many of the cruise ships. There are many reasons to use the electronic cigarettes on a cruise ship. The first reason is that they are easy to obtain. All you need is an identification card from the cruise line, which grants you access to the electronic cigarettes.

In addition to the electronic cigarettes, you can also purchase cigars, pipes, hookahs, and other tobacco products in some of the licensed tobacco shops on the cruises. Please note that smoking is prohibited in all decks. Onboard, there is only one place to enjoy cigars – in designated outdoor smoking areas. You will not find bars or restaurants with smoking policies on cruises. Smoking is allowed in the main dining room, in the staterooms and in the casinos, but it’s your own risk if you decide to puff away.

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